Saturday, July 14, 2012

Has the Economy got you down?

Its everywhere the cost of everything going up, and the payroll check going down.  At Natures Light we feel your pain.  That is why we are having an Impromptu Sale on Natural Progesterone Cream.  As women we tend to skimp on the things we need or should use.  Natural Progesterone cream is a should and a need.
We are offering $5.00 off each jar from 7-14-2012 to 7-19-2012.  Just type in the word ECONOMY under coupon code and start saving.  We can't help with the pain of the economy, but as we all know our Progesterone cream helps with the mood!

This offer can not be combined with any other wholesale or coupon offers.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July's Special

Wow its the 4th of July and NO FIREWORKS in Colorado.  It seems Mother Nature has her own fire agenda going on.  So in lieu of fireworks Natures Light is having its own fireworks.  The coupon code is
FREEDOM and you will receive 4.00 of each product that you order over $9.00.  The sale starts today July 5, 2012 and goes thru July 9, 2012.

Remember our products are made in the Good Ole USA!